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Online Training

Ally LMS provides a customized online portal where your employees access training for HR, safety, and professional skills development. Learner activity is tracked for easy reporting. 


Professional Skills

Ally LMS is partnered with Open Sesame to provide curated professional training from the best content creators on the market.  Available in multiple languages. 

Custom Courses

What do you want to communicate to your organization?  We turn your training content into online courses.  

Why Invest in an LMS?

  • Organize training in one place

  • Speed up onboarding

  • Track user progress

  • Maintain compliance

  • Quickly deliver training as needed

  • Reduce employee turnover

  • Save time and money 

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Pricing per user

A one-time setup fee applies in addition to above pricing.  15 users minimum. 


Software + Service Only

$5/mo ($48/year) per active user

  • Ally LMS portal access

  • Industry-specific course catalog

  • User support and administration

Custom Training for Employees and Customers


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