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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Ally LMS?

  • Ally LMS is a comprehensive employee training service for businesses that includes:

    • Full-featured learning management system (LMS) software

    • A catalog of professional microlearning courses

    • Learning and development (L&D) support

    • User administration and support (new user setup, course enrollments, deactivation, and tech support)


What does “Ally” mean?

  • An ally is a person who joins with others in an activity or endeavor.  Ally LMS serves as an ally to businesses to help train and empower their workforce.


How does Ally LMS benefit employees?

  • Professional upskilling improves job satisfaction and performance

  • Creates a sense of belonging at work 

  • Microlearning courses are modern, short and effective

  • Training is mobile friendly

  • Users can learn in small doses over time and repeat as needed

Who should buy Ally LMS?

  • Any business with 25 or more employees

  • Businesses with multiple locations that benefit from remote training

  • Businesses who require regulatory compliance training

  • Businesses with new product rollouts throughout the year

  • Businesses with seasonal workers

  • Businesses with Spanish speaking employees

  • Businesses committed to upskilling their workforce to promote employee retention performance

  • Businesses in agriculture, horticulture, or cannabis industries

How does Ally LMS compare to other LMS software?





Will new courses be added to the catalog?

  • Yes, new industry-specific courses will be added continually

  • Professional microlearning courses from Open Sesame will stay the same

Who creates the industry-specific courses?

  • Various experienced industry experts contribute content to the Ally LMS catalog including the Ally LMS founder, Britney Hunter.

  • Each course is professionally reviewed and edited


Who creates the courses in the Ally LMS catalog?

  • Professional microlearning courses in the Ally LMS catalog are meticulously curated and leased through Open Sesame.  Courses are created by top-rated professional content creators.



What does the price include?

  • 1-year access to a customized online LMS (per user)

  • 1-year access to a catalog of microlearning courses (per user)

  • Customized learning campaign setup

  • Administrative services for user management, course assignments, and reporting

  • First custom course free*

*custom course must meet certain criteria.  Contact for more information 


How much is the one-time setup fee?                 

  • Setup starts at $750 for Business Basics and $1,250 for the Business Complete catalogs

  • Software + Service plan setup starts at $300

  • Additional costs may apply for custom course buildout


What comes with the Software + Service option?  

  • The Ally LMS Software + Service plan includes LMS access, industry-specific catalog courses only, and user support services for $48/year per user ($5/mo).

  • User support includes new user setup, course enrollments, deactivation, and tech support

  • Software + Service is designed for users who have completed their onboarding and core training.



Can an Ally LMS subscription be downgraded?  

  • Yes, contact to request user service changes.

  • Details:

    • A user subscription can be downgraded from a Business Complete plan to the Business Basics plan at any time.  The pricing adjustment will take effect the first day of the following calendar month.  (A prorated refund will be provided for yearly pre-paid plans)

    • Business Basics or Business Complete plans can be downgraded to the Software + Service plan after a minimum of 3 months service for no additional fee.


How long is the service agreement?         

  • 1 year


How long does it take to set up?                  

  • It takes approximately 2 weeks to get the online training portal ready for new users.

What is the benefit of Ally LMS after employees finish their training?

  • Maintaining a companywide LMS system year round has several benefits:

    • Space out training throughout the year to keep employees engaged

    • Train employees about new products or procedures quickly and efficiently

    • Maintain records for employee training over time




Can All LMS be canceled?  

  • Yes, services can be cancelled after a minimum of 3 months service.  A cancellation fee of $6 per user applies to all service plans cancelled before the end of the 1-year service agreement.

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