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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is Ally LMS?
    The Ally LMS subscription includes A custom branded learning management system (LMS) or secure website where users access online training. Personalized support setting up and managing training Discounts on custom training development through Train Easy Experts
  • Why Purchase Ally LMS
    Save thousands of dollars on expensive set up fees Personalized ongoing course and admin support Discounts on custom training Industry-specific support
  • Who should buy Ally LMS?
    Small to medium size businesses Businesses with multiple locations or remote clients Businesses who want an off the shelf and customized training solution
  • What is the benefit of Ally LMS after users finish their training?
    Maintaining an LMS system year round has several benefits: Space out training throughout the year to keep clients/employees engaged Train about new products or procedures quickly and efficiently Maintain training records for over time
  • What does “Ally” mean?
    An ally is a person who joins with others in an activity or endeavor. Ally LMS serves as an ally to businesses to help make training easy.
  • What does the price include?
    1-year access to a customized online LMS (per user) Customized learning campaign setup Administrative services for user management, course assignments, and reporting Discounts on custom training through Train Easy Experts
  • How much is the one-time setup fee?
    Setup starts at $300 for user import and course setup Additional costs may apply depending on the number of users and courses
  • How long does it take to set up?
    It takes approximately 2 weeks to get the online training portal ready for new users.
  • How long is the service agreement?
    1 year
  • Can All LMS be canceled?
    Yes, services can be cancelled after a minimum of 3 months service. A cancellation fee of $6 per user applies to all service plans cancelled before the end of the 1-year service agreement.
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