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About Ally LMS

"A learning management system for plant people"

Meet the Founder

I started Ally LMS in 2022 after seeing an opportunity to help businesses in my industry reduce risk in their operations and better prepare their employees to succeed.  ​

The Problem: 

Training is often overlooked as a priority because it takes time away from business operations, and professional training can be costly. It's not until a business experiences an issue like a workplace injury, harassment claim, or bad manager that they wonder what they could have done to prevent it.

The Solution:

Standardized and effective onboarding gets everyone on the same page about what is expected and how to act in a professional setting. Regular safety and compliance trainings keep procedures fresh to avoid costly issues. And lastly, the value of leadership and management skills can not be overstated. Anyone working in a professional setting knows how much leadership dynamics influence the productivity and culture of a workplace.

My Why:

After seeing a better working model for employee education and empowerment, I thought why doesn't everyone have this? This is simple stuff so it should be easy. I love learning about operations and getting to know the unique, hard working people behind a business. I love knowing I'm able to make their business operations smoother, and to help empower the upcoming generation of professionals. I consider myself a personal ally to the companies we serve. 

My Background:

A variety of professional roles prepared me to provide exceptional service to our clients. I started my career 20 years ago at a local nursery in Salt Lake City, UT. I went on to earn a bachelors and masters degree from Utah State University in horticulture with a research specialty in high tunnel greenhouse production. I mastered techniques in horticulture education and communication as an Extension Assistant Professor for USU. I established expertise in problem solving, agricultural product development, and marketing as a Research Agronomist for a fertilizer startup - which has since doubled in revenue. Then, when cannabis was legalized in my state, I served as one of the first medical cannabis growers (and first female cannabis grower) in Utah. As the facility lead I oversaw every aspect of operations from production to sales.

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Lets be allies

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